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One man, hold everything

I’m glad to see You here. I will tell You a story.
Story about me, my passion and reasons why leather is part of my life.
So at the beginning…

Michał Jankowski


There was an urgent need to create… something new, unique, exceptional. Something out of mass production. Leather goods seems to be a perfect hobby. It requires to be accurate and very determined. It ‘invites’ you to stay patient, calm and deeply involved in the process of creation, whatever is the final product. Otherwise, it makes you fully aware of all your sloppy mistakes and failures, what finally leads you to develop your skills to start all over again. What if a hobby becomes a life passion? It allows to appreciate pure beauty of the leather it its natural state. The smell, the facture and the way it submits to your hands to be like a diamond – shaped into an outstanding, luxury product. This year I have decided to share these feelings with the world. Here it is. Crane Leather Goods Wallets, Belts, Watch straps, Mouse mats, also personalised products on demand. Are you searching for something exclusive? Can you recognise the significance of details? Do you love leather as much as I do?

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